Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Tu Felix Austria!

The State of Bavaria (a federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany) is about to declare its own war on the Republic of Austria. Their claim is that Austria is playing a foul game when it comes to refugees. In Bavaria's view, Austria plays 'white knight' when it comes to allowing refugees into Austria. But then Austria turns around and puts all those refugees on buses to deliver them at all sorts of places near the Bavarian/German border. Oftentimes with charts showing the best way to enter Germany across the 'green border'. And Austria does not deny that.

Last evening, the Bavarian Minister of the Interior was confronted with the Head of the Police of the city of Linz, Austria. To put things into perspective: Bavaria is about the same size as Austria and its population is about 50% larger than Austria's. If the Minister of the Interior of Bavaria is talking to the Head of Police of Linz, it is like if he were talking to the Head of Police of Augsburg.

The Bavarian Minister of the Interior let off steam. It was simply unacceptable, he claimed, that the Republic of Austria would hire buses to unload - without coordination with the German side - thousands of refugees near the Bavarian/German border every day and basically show them the way to Germany.

The response of the Head of Police of Linz was interesting. He said: "Germany extended an invitation to all those refugees and we are only making it possible that they get to Germany".

Well, hard to deal with that argument. Unless, of course, one knew how to deal with Austrian "Bauernschläue".

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  1. Die Antwort aus Linz war sachlich und höflich ;)